Dr Linda Li - Dr. Linda Li Beverly Hills, Ca BIG MISTAKE!!!

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I received a tummy tuck from Dr. Linda Li in 2011.

I am very unhappy the way it turned out. She told me my scar would be below the bikini line and it's not even close. Now even my belly button doesn't look normal. Even after a revision by her it only made the scar thicker.

I've seen several other plastic surgeons since this and they all agree the placement of the scar is too high. It just very upsetting to spend $9,500 and I still can't wear a bikini.

As far as being pushy I had a major procedure done and felt like I was pushed out the door. I wish I would have done more research because the other Dr.s I've seen after this could have done a better job for a cheaper price:(

Monetary Loss: $9500.


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Good For her.Give her a lollipop.

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My daughter had the same procedure done and it came out very nice. As a matter of fact after it healed she did the cutest tatoo on top of lil flowers and it looks adorable.

I need a breast reduction but I still dont have enough money but when I do I will for sure go with Dr. Li.

thank you

to lilly Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #630588

Good For her. Give her a lollipop.

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